Module building is not just putting a few components together. It is a combination of stock management, production lead time, knowledge as well as choosing the best partners in our supply chain.


Because of our year-long experience and constant focus on knowledge development, Braakhuis is the best partner for modules which need combining mechanics and electronics.

One of our core values is that we take care of your needs. Therefore we offer not only module building, but we also produce complete machines according to your wishes, specifications and purchasing protocols.


Our organization is completely tuned to machine and module building. In order to achieve complete solutions for you, we work closely together with our engineering partners.

Complete machines

We produce complete machines for our customers. Over the years we have built an extensive network of reliable partners. This enables us to think along with you, take care of the engineering works and offer ideas for improvements if necessary.

As we know the purchase market well, we can advise you whether it is better to produce components ourselves or to buy them from third parties. This way we can offer cost containment and a good price-quality ration.