Our year-long experience and constant focus on knowledge development enable us to meet all your requirements in the field of producing and processing high-precision components. Our core business is the production of turning and milling components in smaller and larger series. Because of our experience and knowhow we can guarantee a reliable supply performance.

High-precision components

Producing high-precision components can be considered as top sport. Braakhuis has both suitable production machines and measuring equipment for the production of high-precision components. Of course conditioned machines and rooms are also part of our equipment.

Today we have more than 25 years of experience in this field and know all the ins and outs.

Turning components

For every order the right machine. As we have a very sophisticated purchasing strategy, we have the right turning machines to produce both smaller and larger products in medium and small series cost-effectively.

Milling components

High-precision milling is our daily work. Our 5 axis and 3 axis machines work day and night.

Welding components

We have a large welding department. Welding is one of the joining techniques Braakhuis offers, and welding different materials is often complementary to other tasks in the production process.
We take care of your needs by offering all these tasks under one roof.